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Products: PocketCandy SaverPaq

The PocketCandy SaverPaq contains a set of 8 screensavers for PocketCandy. These screensavers may bring back fond memories of those college days of using UNIX machines in the computer lab, or of course they may bring back torturous days of late nights coding to meet an assignment deadline). Whichever the memories, these former XLock screensavers should allow you to reminesce back to earlier days.

Included in the SaverPaq are the following screensavers:

  • BlotCE: Rorschach's Ink Blot Test
  • BraidCE: Random Braids Around a Circle
  • CoralCE: A Growing Coral Reef Displayed in Bands of Brilliant Color
  • PenroseCE: Random Quasiperiodic Tilings Generated By a Mathematical Growth Algorithm
  • PetalCE: Random Mathematical Flowers
  • PyroCE: Fireworks!
  • RollCE: A Rolling Ball of Points
  • WormsCE: Wiggly Worms

This screensaver requires you to have PocketCandy installed.


Free Edition
Compatible with PocketPC 2000 through Windows Mobile 5.
Supports ARM, MIPS, and SH3 processors.





  • Ccompatible with PocketPC 2000 through Windows Mobile 5

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