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Products: PocketCandy FractalPaq

Fractal: noun: a shape that is recursively constructed or self-similar, that is, a shape that appears similar at all scales of magnification and is therefore often referred to as "infinitely complex."

The PocketCandy FractalPaq contains Fractal related screensavers for the enjoyment of those who are either experienced mathmeticians or those who just like enjoying beautiful, mathematically rendered images.

Included in this package of screensavers are:

  • Fractal Flames: Recursive Fractal Cosmic Flames (FlameCE)
  • Fractal Forest: Binary Trees in a Fractal Forest (ForestCE)
  • Hopalong Fractals: Real Place Fractals (HopalongCE)
  • Julia Fractals: A Continuously Varying Julia Set (JuliaCE)
  • Sierpinski Triangles: Sierpinski's triangle Fractal (SierpinskiCE)
  • Vine Fractals (VinesCE)

This screensaver requires you to have PocketCandy installed.


Free Edition
Compatible with PocketPC 2000 through Windows Mobile 5.
Supports ARM, MIPS, and SH3 processors.





  • Ccompatible with PocketPC 2000 through Windows Mobile 5

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