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Products: PocketCandy

PocketCandy, the most widely used screensaver software for the PocketPC, has had an extreme makeover. Besides having a new, easier to use interface, it has support for Windows Mobile 5!

If you're not excited already, the most requested feature has been included in version 2.0! What is that you ask? Security! PocketCandy can now be configured to ask for a password whenever a screensaver is dismissed! Now your mobile device can be just as secure as your desktop. No more fear of leaving your desk, knowing that anyone can come and access your mobile device.

Have no fear of having to configure or remember another password for your device; PocketCandy utilizes the default security settings that are already stored on your device. Just turn on the password, and enjoy security!


Full Edition (Build
Contains all the great screensaving features you've come to know, along with support for the newest platforms and built in security!
Time Limited Trial version now available for download!

Lite Edition (Build
Contains support for the newest platforms and full screensaving capabilities, just without the security that other users need.




  • Adds Screensaving capabilities to your mobile device (How could you live without them before!)
  • Fully compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 SE and Windows Mobile 5
  • 4 fully functional screensavers: Mystify, Marquee, Winter Snow, and Blank.
  • Compatibility with over 20 additional screensavers, new ones being added all the time!
  • A Configurable Delay Period from 1 to 30 minutes in length
  • Separate Delay Periods for AC Power and Battery Power
  • The ability to disable PocketCandy while on Battery Power
  • The capability to Configure and Preview of screensavers
  • PocketCandy displays its status on the Today Screen in the bottom right hand corner. This status gives you fast access to the configuration panel.
  • Random and Cycle Modes, giving you freedom to view all your screensavers without having to manually choose each one
  • An Improvded Install: PocketCandy is now easier to install, as well as uninstall. The new installer will upgrade existing installations as well as perform a fresh install.

Compatible Screensavers

  • Handy Entertainment's Screensavers
    Spend your days and nights watching the lives of animated creatures and people play out before you. Handy Entertainment has created some of the most entertaining screensavers for mobile devices!
  • Isotope244's Screensavers

  • TimePiece
    A fully skinnable analog clock for the PocketPC.
  • The Matrix Screensaver
    Immerse yourself in the Matrix. Now your mobile device has a chance to be plugged into the Matrix. Scrolling green text flows down your device's screen, while you are brought back into the world of Neo and Morpheus! Which pill will you take, the red or the blue?
  • PocketCandy FractalPaq
    A set of 6 Fractal based screensavers for the PocketPC.
  • PocketCandy SaverPaq
    A set of eight screensavers for the PocketPC, fully intended to bring back college memories of using UNIX in the CS lab!

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